Our Cooperation


Headquarters DF Gear was established in


35+ year legacy of experience


As a subsidiary of DF Gear, founded in 1986, HDH Gear Manufacturing Co. Ltd has inherited a 35+ year legacy of experience across China and Southeast Asia. HDH Gear was founded to provide direct communication and access to all DF Gear resources to international clientele. We specialize in the manufacturing of custom gears and mechanical parts for industrial and automotive applications. Our clients include China FAW, CNHTC (China National Heavy Duty Truck Group), and SAIC Motor Corporation.


HDH Gear manufactures custom gears and mechanical components within its 180,000 sq. ft. facility and includes:

Commercial truck transmission gears;

Industrial and construction machinery gears;

Gear shafts;

HDH Gear is also an international distributor of gears and mechanical components from partner companies.


HDH Gear and DF Gear takes pride in its products, customers, and employees with a third of the workforce having a 10+ year tenure. We have received over 30 awards across several categories. One of the most prestigious is:National High-Tech Enterprise Certification. Our innovation in the manufacturing process as well as composition has resulted in 17 patents including:

Long key device for pneumatic clamping and milling counter-tooth products

Tooth-setting and gear hobbing fixture

Post-heat treatment keyway grinding device

Transmission assembly with full inertia lock ring synchronizer


With our heritage of over 35 years of gear manufacturing experience, we strive for impeccable quality and a superior customer experience.
We are a very passionate and dedicated team with offices within the United States. We guarantee fast and reliable communication through the entire process.

hotline:+1 (917)667-0353

address:7545 Irvine Center Dr, Suite200, Irvine, CA 92618

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