Gear hobbing, gear shaping

Both gear hobbing and gear shaping adopt the principle of generative method to process gears. In contrast, the efficiency of gear hobbing is higher than that of gear shaping. The company is equipped with a unit automatic gear hobbing production line to realize less humanized processing and intelligent production. Gear hobbing belongs to the generative method, and there is no theoretical error of the tooth profile curve of the forming method. Therefore, the precision of tooth division is high. Generally, gears with accuracy of 8 to 7 can be processed. Gear hobbing is continuous cutting without auxiliary time loss, and the productivity is generally higher than that of gear milling and gear shaping. A hob can process cylindrical gears with the same modulus and pressure angle as the hob but different numbers of teeth. In gear tooth profile processing, gear hobbing is the most widely used. In addition to processing straight gears and helical cylindrical gears, it can also process worm gears and spline shafts. Gear shaping is generally used for splines, internal teeth, and very long distances. Near the double gear.


Gear shaving is based on the principle of meshing a pair of helical gears with unequal helix angles. The gear shaving cutter and the axis space of the gear to be cut intersect at an angle, and their meshing is a freely generated movement with no backlash and double-sided meshing. The machining accuracy of gear shaving is generally 6~7, and the surface roughness Ra is 0.8~0.4μm, which is used for the finishing of unhardened gears. Gear shaving has a high productivity. It usually only takes 2 to 4 minutes to process a medium-sized gear. Compared with gear grinding, the production efficiency is high and the processing cost is low. Since gear shaving is freely meshing and the machine tool has no generated motion transmission chain, the machine tool has a simple structure and is easy to adjust. Shaving processing can achieve the purpose of modifying the tooth profile of the product by modifying the shape of the shaving cutter.

Tooth shape detection

Equipped with a gear measuring center of a well-known domestic company, it can measure various shapes of spur gears and helical gears. Measure gear cutters such as gear hobs, worm gear hobs, gear shaving cutters, radial gear shaving cutters, and gear shaper cutters. It can also measure worm gears, worm straight bevel gears, helical bevel gears, cams and other workpieces.

Grinding processing

Grinding processing is divided into inner circle, outer circle, end face, cone surface grinding, etc., which is a finishing process after heat. The inner circle and outer circle grinding production line adopts truss robot connection production, which realizes intelligent and less humanized processing. . Grinding accuracy usually reaches IT6~IT7 tolerance level, and the surface roughness can reach Ra1.25~0.16um.

Grinding teeth

Gears processed by grinding teeth have the advantages of low transmission noise, high transmission efficiency and long service life. Equipped with gear grinding machine can realize gear surface distortion repair to reduce noise, and efficiently process 6-level precision gear processing. According to the forming method of tooth profile, there are two types of gear grinding, forming method and generating method, but most types of gear grinding machines use the generating method to process gears.

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